Winnipeg Restaurant Health Violation Closures

July 29, 2016 PegOut 0

The latest provincial report sheds some light on local restaurants that have been flagged for health-related violations and been forced to closed until all issues were resolved . The list includes a few local pools that were cited for health issues. These are the 2016 closures so far :

Epic Wedge opens up in Exchange District

July 22, 2016 PegOut 0

Popular North End eatery has now opened up shop in the Winnipeg Downtown Exchange District. Hours appear to be 11:30 AM – 3PM and the location is 216 McDermot Ave (inside @216TheList). Check them out for some amazing sandwich creations you won’t find anywhere else.

Gasthaus Gutenberger Closed

July 12, 2016 PegOut 0

Sadly it seems that Gausthous Gutenberger, a very popular Winnipeg Restaurant has permanently closed its doors. The Winnipeg Reddit Community has confirmed the news, and the official website brings up notice of the account being suspended.

The List Added to Index

July 4, 2016 PegOut 0

We’ve added a listing to Winnipeg’s new restaurant called ‘ The List ‘ to our index. Located at 216 McDermot Avenue in Winnipeg’s Exchange District, the List offers a lounge and club atmosphere. Check out the List today! Blog

July 1, 2016 PegOut 0

Welcome to PegOut 2.0! This website launched in early 2011 with hopes of becoming Winnipeg’s favorite website for restaurant listings. The system used to catalog our listings was built inefficiently and hampered our ability to complete what we started. We launch today in a new format that allows us to focus on more than just Winnipeg’s restaurant scene. We welcome you to our new blog version format. We will continue to concentrate on cataloging all information from Winnipeg’s restaurant scene but plan to focus on other news and events as well.